Trade safely with CoinSpot

CoinSpot established in 2013, has grown to become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Australia. We have become renowned to be one of the safest and easiest cryptocurrency platforms to use.

CoinSpot offers a simple and user-friendly way to buy, sell, store, transact and manage your cryptocurrency, making it easy to get started with investing.

ISO 27001 Certification

In order to achieve the ISO 27001 standard as mandated by the International Organisation for Standardisation, CoinSpot was required to complete an external audit undertaken by SCI Qual International (an accredited JAS-ANZ certification body).

The certification process requires an in-depth investigation and ongoing audits of Information Security Management processes and practices. This includes processes relating to the management of; digital asset storage, information relating to employees, contractors, suppliers, clients, products, processes, and intellectual property. These stringent policies are designed to eliminate unauthorised access, use, destruction, modification or closure of the organisations information management systems.

How to improve the security
of your CoinSpot account

Once you have created your CoinSpot account, you can customise your account security settings to suit your needs.

We always strongly recommend setting up Two-Factor Authentication on your account to reduce the chances of anyone gaining access to your account. To find out more click here.
Layered Security
Secure your CoinSpot account with customisable restrictions and security. Have complete control over withdrawals, session timeout limits, geo-lock log-ins and accessibility such as Biometric logins (on the CoinSpot App).

Trading options

When trading with CoinSpot, we provide several options so users can trade the way that best suits you.

Buy / Sell

Our Instant Buy/Sell option offers instant trading at a locked in price, offering Bitcoin, Ethereum and over 300 other digital currencies. Users can confirm the price upfront in AUD, before they make a purchase. Once confirmed, the coins or tokens are instantly available in the applicable CoinSpot wallet.


We also provide the ability to instantly swap from one coin, to any other coin on our platform. On other platforms you may be limited to trade between AUD, USDT or BTC. This may require you needing to complete several trades to buy the coin you want. Swap reduces the need to pay multiple unnecessary fees and trade directly into the preferred coin.

Our instant liquidity options allow users to avoid slippage, convenience & peace of mind at one fee of 1%. CoinSpot’s Markets allow you to trade directly with other CoinSpot customers at Australia’s lowest flat fee of 0.1%.

Over the Counter

Our Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading Desk allows customers to perform high-volume transactions without the need of traditional public order books, at a 0.1% fee. This allows CoinSpot customers to deal directly with a professional Account Manager and provides direct access to high volume liquidity sources and competitive pricing for higher volume trades.